The Best Fixed Annuities in Virginia

The Best Fixed Annuities in Virginia by Virginia Annuity Resource

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   Virginia Annuity Resource is the best broker in Virginia to learn about Fixed Annuities. We offer free advice and an online spreadsheet of all products to get you the best rates for your Fixed Annuity. Fixed Annuities over the years have been used for many reasons like just saving money, but not with a bank. You see Annuities are insurance contracts between you and the insurance company. You have the cash and they will pay you a fixed interest rate for a specified period of time. There are many variations of fixed annuities but many have 5 year terms, or 7 year terms or even longer. We do not suggest you open one longer unless it is part of a fixed annuity laddering strategy and it is only part of your money that will not be needed for that specific term. It is extremely important to understand the contract you are entering into with a Fixed Annuity.



     Savers are savers and spenders are spenders and we talk to spenders all the time. They feel like they have to keep up with society and the latest products and trends. However once in a while we do have the pleasure of talking to fellow savers like ourselves and help them start a annuity savings strategy where they save, rollover, save and keep earning more and more for retirement. Rates with Fixed Annuities will always be better than what a bank can offer and we do business often with bankers. Browse the website and learn about what Fixed Annuities can do for you.

     We wanted to share a laddering strategy with Fixed Annuities while you are here. Lets use a 10k dollar example. Split that 10k into 5 parts of 2k each. The first 2k open a ten year fixed annuity. The second 2k open a 7 year fixed annuity. The third 2k open a 5 yr fixed annuity. The fourth 2k open a 3 yr fixed annuity. The last 2k open a 1 yr fixed annuity. When the 1 yr matures, rollover to a 10yr fixed annuity. Keep going and rollover each annuity for a set amount of time to ensure you will always have liquidity. When looking at a savings strategy, you will always want a portion of your assets in liquid form, this this laddering strategy only limits you to a short period of time without access to funds. We hope you find this website informative and look forward to helping you in Virginia.


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